cHReative Solutions

CHReative has a team dedicated to the design, architecture and development of complementary SAP solutions that enhance the use of HCM, add value to the corporate system solution, reduce project execution time and eliminate the need to use legacy systems.

Contractors administration

This solution, which is certified by SAP, complies in a flexible and configurable way the third-party and stand-alone lifecycle management, fully integrated into eSocial's standard solution. Some features:

  • Association of third parties and contractors with their supply companies and service contracts;
  • Mandatory documentation control;
  • Allocation of assignments and / or EPI equipment;
  • Allocation of logical and physical access;
  • Pendencies and restrictions registration;
  • Quality of service monitoring;
  • Activities history;
  • RPA calculation;
  • Access controlled through.

Calculation, provisioning and payment of variable remuneration

This solution provides in a flexible and configurable way the process of calculation, provisioning and payment of variable remuneration, for any situation such as:

  • Profits and results sharing;
  • Bonus;
  • Variable salary;
  • Long-term incentives;
  • Sales commission;
  • Confidential funds.

Mirroring data between environments

The best solution for mirroring employee and third-party data across SAP environments. Some features:

  • Complete copy of the employee data;
  • Possibility of data shuffling;
  • Restricted access through a specific authorization role;
  • Log files of the copied data.

Collective agreements management

Simulate and apply collective agreements in a flexible and retroactive way according to the particularities and rules celebrated between the company and the unions:

  • Flexible parameterizations with wide possibility of segregation;
  • Increase in percentage, fixed amount or both;
  • Recalculation in cases of increase between base date and agreement;
  • Minimum wage and salary cap;
  • History of agreements applied.

Historical data management

Solution developed to perform the complete migration of data from legacy systems to SAP.

The information can be migrated in specific layouts, allowing the segregation of data by type of information, for example:

  • Organizational history;
  • Salary history;
  • History of leave;
  • History of point registration;
  • Payroll history.

All information is stored in Cluster tables, which compress the data by reducing the volume required in the database by more than 90%.

In addition, it is possible to integrate historical data migrated to the existing functionalities, which facilitates the operation of the business area.

Dynamic form and labels generator

Solution that, from document templates, generates dynamically and in batch, forms with employee data and labels that can be attached to the employee's work permit. Examples of use:

  • Hiring / Termination kits;
  • Benefit forms;
  • Customized communications.

Brazilian localization of the EHS module

Localization developed to speed up EHS module deployment projects.

  • Medical and safety legal reports already developed (PPP, PCMSO, CAT, NR4, etc);
  • Medical appointments automatically scheduled;
  • Applications for medical and nursing care;
  • Vaccination control.

Rapid Deployment Solution

HCM implementation baseline that complies with current Brazilian legislation, as well as a vast library of accelerators, which we highlight:

  • Employee Compensation solution;
  • Eletronic Time management cockpit;
  • Payroll management cockpit;
  • Data loading system;
  • Calculation of food, meal and transport vouchers;
  • Interfaces with the main benefit providers;
  • Staff turnover Solution;
  • Employee's Hiring and Termination Solution.

Business Consulting

We support our partners, providing expert consulting on human resources processes.

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Innovation - cHRLabs

Research and development of complementary, innovative solutions that add value to the operation of our partners.

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SAP Consulting

We are SAP Gold Partner specialized in the SAP HCM and SuccessFactors suite.

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